Information for Patients

To book a doctor appointment or hemodialysis treatment procedure you have to sign up on-site and create a personal account first. if you have it already done, please log in.
How to sign up for a consultation
Create a personal account of a patient
Fill out your profile and upload the necessary documents
Choose the specialist that you want to make an appointment with. Use filters, they will help you choose a doctor faster.
Choose the desired time and date of the online consultation in the calendar.

Remember that to make an appointment for a consultation you have to sign into your personal account or sign up.
How to get a free hemodialysis
Step 01
Check the declaration with your family doctor
Step 02
Agree on the date and time of the visit to the nephrologist
Step 03
Take the declaration and all available medical documentation to the meeting with the nephrologist
Step 04
Start treatment under the program of medical guarantees
Frequently asked questions
How much does a nephrologist consultation cost?
Hemodialysis treatment for citizens of Ukraine is provided free of charge, as it is provided under the medical guarantee program, i.e. it is paid for by the National Health Service of Ukraine.
How much does medical support for hemodialysis patients cost?
Patient support in the dialysis center is provided by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and is part of the medical guarantee program, i.e., it is free for the patient.
Can the patient choose the schedule and time of the procedure?
Yes, the patient can choose and, if necessary, change the day and shift in which the treatment is performed.
What is the cost of laboratory tests during hemodialysis treatment?
Laboratory tests for dialysis patients are carried out free of charge according to the list included in the medical guarantee program and paid for by the National Health Service of Ukraine. The list includes: general blood test + formula, antibodies to HCV, antibodies to HBsAg, antibodies to HIV, RW, parathyroid hormone, serum ferritin, transferrin saturation, creatinine pre-HD urea, post-HD urea, total protein, albumin, glucose, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, pre-HD potassium, post-HD potassium, pre-HD bicarbonate, post-HD bicarbonate, ALT, bilirubin fractions, triglycerides, cholesterol, uric acid, nasopharyngeal culture.
Are dialysis patients treated for anemia?
All patients are diagnosed and, if necessary, treated for anemia, using iron supplements and the original erythropoietin ("Myrcera"). Treatment is carried out under the medical guarantee program, i.e. free of charge for the patient.
What examinations of the cardiovascular system are performed on dialysis patients and what is their cost?
ECG and ultrasound of the heart are performed free of charge for all dialysis patients. If necessary, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring can be performed. All examinations are free of charge
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