How to get a free hemodialysis
Step 01
Check the declaration with your family doctor
Step 02
Agree on the date and time of the visit to the nephrologist
Step 03
Take the declaration and all available medical documentation to the meeting with the nephrologist
Step 04
Start treatment under the program of medical guarantees
Dialysis therapy
Dialysis is a method of kidney failure treatment, during which blood from the human body is filtered in a special device that works as an artificial kidney. As a result of the procedure, toxic metabolic products are removed, the water and electrolyte balance is normalized.

Dialysis therapy types
  • hemodialysis
  • prolonged ambulatory hemodialysis
  • high-flow hemodialysis
  • hemodiafiltration
  • ultrafiltration
  • peritoneal dialysis
The exact type of dialysis needed by a patient is determined by the D.Clinic specialists based on a thorough study of the causes of kidney failure, examination results and an accurate diagnosis.
Guest and tourist dialysis
People with chronic kidney failure can lead an active lifestyle and even travel nowadays.

Of course, trips should be carefully planned. Our specialists prepare all the necessary documents and provide the addresses of clinics where you can undergo the necessary dialysis procedure during your trip.

D.Clinic also provides dialysis services to patients who have arrived from other cities or countries. For guest dialysis, it is necessary to have statements from the dialysis center where the patient underwent procedures earlier.
Vascular access creation
During the hemodialysis procedure, a large volume of blood is filtered in a short period of time. Human vessels cannot provide sufficient blood flow, so a special vascular access - the so-called fistula - cannot be dispensed with.

A fistula is created by suturing an artery and a vein. As a result of a simple surgical operation, the patient receives a thick-walled vessel with good arterial circulation.

For patients in whom it is impossible to create a fistula due to certain contraindications, the installation of a central venous catheter for long-term use is provided.